Welcome to The Chaptr

A monthly subscription book box connecting readers for lively real-time discussions.

A Look Inside

We deliver a hand-selected book of month plus curated products to enhance your reading experience, all to your front door.  


What to Expect

How Do We Select the Book of the Month?  We Don't....You Do! 

Each month, our members vote from a selection of three hand-selected books. The book with the most votes wins.  

How Are The Three Book Options Selected? We spend countless hours a month scouring over books and we preview every book before presenting it to our members for voting.  We place a heavy emphasis on "under the radar" books and tend to lean towards books that are diverse in some respect; whether a diverse author, protagonist, viewpoint or experience or simply a fresh take on a well-known topic.  Our goal is to present book options that allow us to step outside of our reading comfort zone every once in a while.  

Monthly hosted virtual Cocktail/Mocktail Hours, all while we discuss our book of the month.  For selected books, the author joins our monthly book club meeting to discuss the book and answer members' questions.  

Plus, we post weekly book discussion questions to spark conversations as you're reading the book.  

Not able to finish the book by the end of the month? No problem. We provide cliff's notes for each book, so you can still join in the discussion.

Engaging articles where we share our musings on all things literary-related.

Member Spotlights so you can get to know the other members of your community and make real connections.  

Book Recommendations 

A community of fellow readers that  loves books just as much as you do! What are you waiting for? Let's embark on this reading adventure together.